Gamingtoetsenbord met indeling op volledige grootte, Rainbow Wave-verlichting en 12 multimediatoetsen.

  • Indeling op volledige grootte
  • Rainbow Wave-verlichting met regelbare helderheid
  • Anti-ghosting: maximaal 6 toetsen tegelijkertijd indrukken
  • 12 sneltoetsen voor mediafuncties
  • Schakelaar voor gamingmodus; Windows-toets direct uitschakelen

Full-size accuracy

The keyboard has a full-size layout meaning that it is optimally designed for fast key entry. The GXT 830-RW features anti-ghosting technology to ensure you can game fast and accurately. You will remain in control even when you press up to 6 keys simultaneously.

Press to control

The Avonn features 12 direct access media keys, making it possible to control your music or the LED lighting of the keyboard. You can even play and pause music, start a search or change pages directly with the keys on your keyboard. The special game mode switch ensures that you will not return to your desktop accidentally when hitting the Windows key since it is disabled during those intense gaming sessions.

Plug and Play

The GXT 830-RW is made to plug and play: simply plug in the USB in your computer, and within a few seconds you’re ready to play. No drivers, CDs or extra software needed.